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About me

What is my path?

Having experienced my share of self-doubt, anxiety and challenges to find my path, I set about learning how to deal with these issues. 


Searching for meaning in my work life, I tried on roles such as policy advisor, workshop facilitator, investigative journalist, consultant and programme manager in sustainability. After some years, I discovered that none of these roles suited me as well as being a coach, guiding other people in their development. 


I followed a two-year intensive coaching training, which not only taught me about the depths of my own psyche and behaviour, but also shaped me into an effective coach that helps clients reach their personal goals.


In life, finding my own path has led me to live and enjoy my passion for nature, outdoor sports and exploration, resulting in moving to the French Alps.


My path has also led me to feel increasingly free in relationships with others, to rely on my self-confidence and at the same time, be able to mean more to others and the world.  


This search for meaning in my work and life has taught me what it takes to be true to yourself, in work as well as life. 



What motivates me?

I get motivated by meaning something to others, for instance by helping them feel better and more accepting of their thoughts and feelings. 


At the same time, I really like to gain insight into how people work, learning about myself and others, and about the wealth of knowledge that is available on mental wellbeing. 


In my life, I value exploring different environments, being open to new experiences and perspectives and spending time in nature and outdoors.

What describes me as a coach?

As a coach I listen to you. My clients tell me I have an open, non-judgmental and kind way of listening, which makes them feel at ease and respected. This makes them feel welcome to share their dilemmas, doubts and difficulties. 

By asking thorough, insightful questions, I challenge you to get to know yourself, your patterns of behaviour and to experiment with new ways of relating to yourself and the world around you. 


I am driven to help you improve, and hand you practical tools, clarifying insights and techniques to cope with blocking thoughts and feelings. Valuing wisdom and learning, I use evidence-based methods, combine various coaching philosophies and tailor every session to your needs.

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