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build the life that is meaningful to you

Personal development coaching




What do I want to do in my life?

What is keeping me from doing what I want? 

How can I overcome my self-doubt and anxiety?

These are the type of questions we can address in coaching.


My coaching is based on the following principles: 

  • If you figure out what motivates you, you can live a life that is good for yourself, others and the world.

  • Being free from blocking thoughts and feelings is possible for everyone.


As a coach, I guide people on that path. I can help you to:

  • Make difficult decisions

  • Live with self-confidence

  • Accept yourself

  • Overcome obstacles and fears on the way


Together, we will dive into the heart of your issue. I will teach you valuable mental health techniques and guide you to be free to live the life you want to live.



What did others get out of the coaching by Marjolijn?

  • More clarity on what motivates me

  • Confidence to try out new steps

  • Finding a way to make decisions that feel good to me

  • Understanding my anxieties and looking differently at them

  • Tools to deal with my pitfalls, difficult situations and harder times in life

  • More acceptance of difficult things in life

  • Establishing exciting goals that I want to work towards (and sometimes already reached)

  • A better idea of how I can contribute something to the world

  • Much more awareness of how my thoughts and feelings impact me and how I can deal with them

  • Increased acceptance of myself

  • More calmness and joy in my life

What do we do in the sessions?


In a free introductory intake session we can see if we are a good match. After the intake, we agree on a goal to work on and regularly monitor our progress.

Content of the coaching sessions

In the coaching sessions, we address current challenges and problems that you face. Together, we will explore these. You will learn to work with thoughts, feelings and behavioral patterns that prevent you from doing what you want to do or who you want to be.

We work to clarify what is important to you, what motivates you and what prevents you from taking steps in the direction that you want. I adapt evidence-based methods to your needs and combine them with a human approach.

We can work on:

  • Exploring your issue or question

  • Insight into yourself: thoughts, feelings and behaviour

  • Deeper dive into your background if needed

  • Finding out what motivates you

  • How to navigate barriers

  • Exploring potential solutions

  • Building a toolkit for resilience

  • Experimenting in practice

  • Sustaining changes in practice


The sessions consist of conversation, exercises and assignments to apply what you have learned.

A coaching session lasts an hour and takes place online, via phone, in Amsterdam or in other major cities in the western part of the Netherlands. The sessions can be in English or Dutch.


'Marjolijn has helped me to regain confidence in what I am looking for'

- Oscar (28)




self confidence

Marjolijn de Boer.jpg

about me

I was trained as a coach at the European Institute De Baak in The Netherlands. I graduated from the two-year courses Coach Practitioner and Master Coach.

In addition to coaching, I work part-time for the Dutch NGO The Green Brain, where I connect science and practice as a facilitator to enhance sustainability. 

I live both in the Netherlands and the French Alps with my partner, where I immerse myself in nature and outdoor sports. I enjoy hiking, trail running, climbing, camping, (Nordic) skiing and all the nature and wildlife in the mountains.

What is my path, what motivates me and how am I as a coach?

Who do I work with?


I am accredited as Coach Practitioner by the professional association NOBCO, part of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC).

I am associated with coaching platforms Coachfinder and Sphere.



Oscar (28)

'Marjolijn has helped me a lot to regain confidence in what I am looking for and what I find important in my career steps. She did this with various exercises, asking sharp questions and referring to things we discussed in previous sessions. She always accompanied this with a very empathetic, friendly and interested attitude. For me, the result was once again feeling that I know what I wanted to move towards and that I am now very happy with my new job. There were also other aspects that we were working on that are still useful to me every week.'

Floor (31)

'Marjolijn is friendly, open and held a valuable mirror to me without judgment. She helped me to make better and faster decisions (including the decision not to do things) by looking critically at my internal decision making process. Her approach was practical and result-oriented, but with an eye for the underlying causes. It helped me a lot.'

Sanne (27)

'Marjolijn has positively changed my view on coaching. I appreciated that she was able to support exercises with a theoretical background and scientific evidence. This made it tangible for me and made me feel open to trying it out. I felt I was understood in what does and does not suit me and she personalized the sessions accordingly. Attention is paid to actual daily struggles, but Marjolijn's strong and sometimes critical questions provide an in-depth look that I would not have reached by myself. She challenged me to face certain pitfalls and encouraged me to actually deal with them. The sessions were intense, but there was also room for fun and dreaming. I'm glad I took this opportunity.'

Merel (22)

'During my coaching sessions with Marjolijn I further developed myself on a professional and personal level. In addition to answering my coaching question, I learned a lot more about myself and I was given good tools to be able to take further steps by myself after the coaching process was completed. The sessions were well structured, with conversations alternating with practical assignments. I am more than satisfied and would recommend to anyone who wants to develop themselves to start coaching sessions with Marjolijn!'

Chris (31)

'When I met Marjolijn I didn't have a stable workplace or place to live. I wanted to get back to enjoying the things I did. With thorough exercises and a keen eye for pitfalls, Marjolijn helped me to face the future with full courage. Now I live with great people and work on the goals that are important to me. And all that in a place that I would not have dreamed of before. I wish everyone who is at the same point or just wants to get more out of life a great ride and I assure you that you could not wish for a better guide than Marjolijn.'

Eveline (29)

I have learned a lot about my own patterns of thinking and behaviour through my coaching process with Marjolijn. With her open attitude and insightful questions she guided me to recognize these patterns. She gave me tools with which I can continue to work on my coaching goal.



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