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packages & pricing

All packages start after a free and non-binding intake session.


A session lasts one hour and takes place online, by phone, in Amsterdam or major cities in the western part of the Netherlands. Between the sessions I will give you exercises or assignments to work on.


A single session is 90 euros (if you are paying) or 125 euros (if your employer pays - many employers are willing to do this).


The sessions are exempt from VAT.


If any financial barriers exist, we can discuss the options in the free intake interview. Are you self-employed? You might be able to deduct the costs for business coaching from your tax.

I adhere to the Global Code of Ethics of the EMCC and subscribe to their Inclusion, Diversity and Equality Statement. The General Terms and Conditions apply to all services provided. If a coaching session is canceled within 24 hours, 100% of the costs of the canceled hours are due. In case of cancellation before 24 hours, no costs are due.


the hike

4 sessions

You pay: 340 euros (85 euro per session)

Your employer pays: 480 euros

The climb

6 sessions

You pay: 495 euros (82,50 per session)

Your employer pays: 705 euros


the expedition

8 sessions

You pay: 620 euros (77,50 per session)

Your employer pays: 900 euros

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