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The coach as a dentist: a good idea?

It seems like everyone is a coach these days. How ridiculous, so many coaches, you might think. But what if you see a coach as a dentist, then it is a good thing if there is a coach available for everyone.

You could also see the increase in number of coaches – especially in the field of personal development – ​​as a positive societal development. In addition to attention for physical and dental health, there is also increasing interest in mental health.

And isn’t it wonderful that so many people have the ambition to help others in their development? And that so many people allow themselves to work with a coach to learn more about themselves?

As a coach, I think it is important that I know what I am doing and to continue to develop myself. That is why, before I started coaching, I completed two coaching courses. And that is why I recently became a member of the NOBCO, the Dutch Order of Professional Coaches and the Netherlands branch of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

This network helps the professionalization of coaching, with training and peer supervision, scientific research, an ethical code of conduct and certification. I hope my dentist is also growing professionally like that.

What do you think: the coach as a dentist, a good idea?


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