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Three questions about your motivation

It's autumn again. Days are short, night comes early. Back at the laptop. And maybe there are still 100 things that have to be finished before the end of the year. How do you stay motivated? Here are three questions about your motivation that can help you to increase it.

1. What is the balance in your work between autonomy (I can decide for myself what I do), competence (I feel I can do it) and connectedness (I have the support of others)*. Is one of these missing? Then have a look at how you can increase it.

2. Do you do what you are good at and what you enjoy? Something that do you really really really like? What do you get a feeling of fulfillment from? Take a look at your past experiences - when were you really in a state of flow?

3. What do you need? For many people, self-compassion - being kind to yourself - is not something that comes naturally. What would help your motivation? Would you like to call a colleague, take a walk outside or ask for help with something? Give yourself something you need right now.

* This well-known theory from Deci & Ryan is still very valuable for finding out what's in the way of motivation.


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