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What kind of work would I excel at?

Figuring out what kind of work suits you best is not easy. Unfortunately, thinking hard and long about it does not always help. Often, it works better to look at our past and present experiences.

To examine your past, you can make a list of all the activities in your life that you enjoyed doing a lot. For not only the subject of your work, or your skills, but also the type of activities you enjoy provides insight into what kind of work fits you.

Try to list the good experiences you have had with specific activities at work, in your free time or as a child. What activities made you lose track of time? What activities really made you happy? What motivated you in these activities?

You can also look at your experiences in the present. Try out different things. Experiment with other types of work and reflect on what appeals to you and why. When you find out what motivates you, you can make more authentic decisions and find work in which you can be most meaningful to yourself, others, and the world.

Are limiting thoughts holding you back from making that decision? As a coach I can help you deal with those thoughts and despite them, still go for what you want.


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